Google Buzz is shutting down; how to export your Buzz posts

Google Buzz is almost at the end and Google is going to close this service completely. But for all those who are currently using it or shared hundreds of posts on it then here’s a Google tool for you where you can download all your Google Buzz posts and content. This service is Google Takeout. […]

5 things Google might have got wrong!

When it comes to the internet Google almost always gets things right. The other day I started a discussion on Devils’ Workshop’s Facebook page about what are the things that Google got wrong or what are the things that Google failed at. There were quite a few opinions but I thought it would make an […]

Google Buzz introduces Reshare feature

Google Buzz has introduced a ‘Reshare’ feature which will allow Buzz users to share the original post and also give the person sharing it first credit for it. In it’s blog Google announced that Buzz Reshare feature will soon will be available for Buzz users. About Buzz Reshare As mentioned before that the Buzz Reshare […]

Add Comment into Google Buzz Via Email [Tech Update]

Google Buzz is buzzing a lot these days. The main reason for Google Buzz popularity is that it is integrated in Gmail itself, which makes conversation easy in Google buzz. But the people who are not using Gmail, finds difficult to make comments in Buzz. For This reason, Google has came up with new feature […]

Google Buzz giving Better Control for Email Notification

Google buzz is in news from some time now and slowly but its getting hype among internet users. Integrating Google buzz into Gmail is the best thing Buzz developer did, but this also created problem for lots of email notification. Google buzz announced that they will be rolling out updates soon, in which you can […]

Facebook Extension for Google Chrome in Gmail

Google released Google buzz some days back and now we can directly navigate to Buzz inside Google mail. David Mulder added a Facebook extension for Gmail which will let you integrate Facebook into your Gmail account. You can quickly update your Status from Gmail. This extension uses Facebook connect to show your friends news feeds […]