Google buzzes Facebook and Twitter

Some of you might have woken up today morning and checked out something called Google Buzz. Some of you lucky ones might even have it available in your Gmail account. Google launched it’s own social network Buzz which will  be embedded within Gmail. There will be a link to Buzz as you sign-in to Gmail page. It is still being rolled out and I guess everyone with a Gmail id will soon have access to it. Google Buzz has an advantage which no social networking website has had untill now and that is a ready user base of millions.


Google Buzz at a glance

  • Like all social networking websites it will allow sharing of links, photos and your comments on what you are upto. This is all integrated in your Inbox and also allows you to use your Inbox to comment on shared links, pictures and status messages.
  • All your Gmail contacts will automatically appear as your friends on Buzz. It will also integrate with Picassa, Google Reader, Flickr and Twitter.
  • One point that Google Buzz is making is that it will have a simplistic style of sharing things personally and publicy without too much of a fuss. I guess that was pointed to Facebook and Twitter. Twitter users obviously will not share pictures of their wedding as it is all public and Facebook users might find it difficult with the privacy settings to share a link with the world. Buzz probably will simplify it but I have not got the change to play around with Buzz and so I will reserve my verdict on it.
  • The potential for Google Buzz to be really big is there. It can shamelessly borrow from Facebook and Twitter and improve on it rather than try to reinvent the wheel. It has a featured called recommended messages. This might be something similar to a ReTweet; but considering Google’s search engine genius; it might be a way for a way of ranking users and their content.

Here is a video of Google Buzz from its blog.

I do not know how successful Google Buzz will end up being. But it seems to have a better chance than Yahoo meme had when it was launched a few months ago. Let me know if you have Buzz enabled on your Gmail account what do you think about it?


Mangat February 10, 2010

Happen to see buzz video yesterday night… Found it kind of twitter copy. It seems google wants to compete with twitter with this buzz… Buzz is not available in my inbox as of now. will come back and comment once it is available.

Amandeep Singh February 10, 2010

Buzz is not available for me also rite now… I think Google is again increasing the curiosity by giving limited acces… like it did in the new Orkut design and also, Wave…

abhi February 10, 2010

Google planned to kick out Facebook and twitter. But its a very nice feature. I used Buzz just now.

Saeed February 10, 2010

Just came back from college and found this Buzz… On first look, it seems just a copy of twitter; who knows what would it end up with…

price in india February 10, 2010

I waiting for buzz. lets see how it works.

Girish February 11, 2010

Got BUZZ on both my gmail accounts..

Santhosh February 21, 2010

I cant find any difference between google buzz and Blogger.
When twitter was introduced, everyone called it micro-blogging.
Now with no size limit on your “buzz”, its back to blogging.