Google Chrome decides to make Internet Explorer better.

What do you do if you are Google and have only 2.84% of the Browser market and your biggest competitor Internet Explorer has cornered a massive 66.97% of the market even though most versions of their browsers do not support a majority of HTML5 apps?

You inject you self into the competitor and the take over πŸ™‚


Google has released Chrome Frame plug-in for developers. It allows Google’s Chrome to run inside Internet Explorer.

What does Chrome Frame do to Internet Explorer?

  • The website developer has to put up a tag on the page for the Internet Explorer browser to recognize that it has to switch over to Chrome’s Engine.
  • Chrome Frame once installed makes it possible for Internet Explorer to run Google Chrome’s rendering engine.
  • You then view websites which with your IE6 version using Chrome’s far more superior J-Script performance.

It looks like some App developers at Google were so bored or frustrated with IE6 and IE7 being not up to the mark that they came up with a way to infect the browsers and make them better all by themselves. πŸ™‚

This is mainly a tactic by Google to make sure developers are not stuck in the future when they introduce Google Wave to developers sometime in the future for which older versions of Internet Explorer are obsolete.

So is IE really that bad that Google actually have to make it better? πŸ™‚

Image Credit: i-techie

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venkat September 27, 2009

What if Microsoft releases a plug-in in future on their ActiveX technology as Chrome not support add-ons now,does Google agree to that.

Mark Petherbridge October 15, 2010

I fracking hate IE – so happy google are sorting this out – I wish they could just buy Microsoft out – i’d help fund that…