Google Chrome’s New Tab page gets revamped

Google redesigns Chrome's new tab page by placing a search box and Google logo in the center, prompting users that they can search right from the new tab page.

Chrome was one of the first browsers to have address bar and search bar as a single feature, which they call it Omnibox. It makes Chrome look much better in design with less ‘chrome’.

There’s a weird problem, though. Most of the people still visit and type in the search box. That’s why Google has revamped Chrome’s new tab page, placing a search box in the center.


As you can see from the screenshot above, the Google logo and search box grabs more attention than the Most Visited websites’ thumbnails.

There are just 4 websites listed under Most Visited list and you can’t rearrange them either.

As you focus the search bar and start typing, Google will show suggestions and will load the results page in almost a blink of eye. It’s powered by Google Instant (which you can turn on/off in search settings).


It also won’t show the long URL you generally see in address bar when you search on Google.

There’s no way to navigate to Apps page from the new tab, except that you can pin it to Bookmarks bar for quick access.

If you want to try these features, get Chrome Canary (bleeding edge version of Chrome). None of these features are final and they’re yet to be added to stable build of Chrome.


Olivia Slater March 23, 2013

i love Google chrome, it is not browser it is wowser, still chrome is one of the most popular browser in the world than Internet Explore and Mozilla Firefox. and now they celebrate first 500 experiments submitted to by the creative coding community.

Ankit March 25, 2013

Just tried on my new Mac. Good work, I must say – Google! 🙂