Google unveils note taking app “Keep” as rival for Evernote

Google formally unveils Google Keep, a service part of Drive that syncs notes, images and to-do lists. Google Keep is available as an Android app too.

Google a couple of days ago, leaked out info about a new note taking service. This was called Keep and today it had formally unveiled it. The note taking service allows users to create small notes, reminders, to-do task lists and save images as a note. The service seems bare bones at the moment with only the Android app being released. It is available as part of Google Drive and it seems Google Drive will allow users to sync these notes.


Google Keep – Android App

google keep android

Why Google needs an Evernote competitor?

There is a strong emphasis on note taking and list making apps on mobile platforms. Google itself has something to manage tasks on Gmail. Google Keep can have great potential in the future when it rolls out Chrome extensions and also apps for other mobile platforms. Also since laptops running Chrome OS are now a big deal, Google pretty much needs to have something of a note taking app maintained by themselves.

Evernote is still far ahead with its ability to integrated with various features but it will surely be starting to get nervous.

What is your favorite to-do or note taking service? I personally like using for tasks which integrates with Chrome and Gmail but I will surely choose Google Keep if and when they roll out a Chrome extension for it.

Try out Google Keep on the web or download its Android app. Do drop in your comments.