Will Google Dominate Netbook Market With Chromebook!

Google_ChromebookGoogle yesterday unveiled the Chromebook which is pretty much a netbook running on Chrome OS. The Chromebook is basically a computer with only a browser as the operating system. Everything is on the web, no files are stored locally.

The idea is to replace all local stored applications with web apps. All data is stored on the cloud. The first Chromebooks models are rolled out by Samsung and Acer.

As everything is on the cloud, users will not be affected with viruses or frequent updates.

Google’s plans with Chromebook


I have read a lot of comments and views on the internet about Google wanting to replace MS Windows for internet users. I do not think, Google is trying to compete with Windows or Mac at all.

What it is trying to do, it make sure that people who want cheaper computers for only their internet usage, end up using Chromebooks. Basically, Google is trying to gobble up the netbook market.

Chromebook’s Availability

Chromebook will be available from 15th June, 2011 onwards in major retailers in Europe and also available online with Amazon and Best Buy.


Initially it is being rolled out in US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. More countries will be included later.

Video on Chromebooks

Below is the video, that explains the concept of Chromebook.

With this development, if I ever think about getting myself a netbook, I will probably opt for a Chromebook.

Will you be buying a Chromebook? And why will you be doing so? Do drop in your comments and views.

Link: Google Chromebook