Google brings Chrome OS’s app launcher to Chromium

While Chromebooks haven’t been successful in attracting mainstream users, Google hasn’t stopped pushing updates to both – Chrome OS, as well as the hardware. With the Aura update, there’s a new App drawer feature added to the OS. Interestingly, Google is looking to port the same feature to Chrome on Windows. The App drawer lets […]

Do Google’s Samsung Chromebooks for $249 make sense?

When Google unveiled Chromebooks, which are laptops running on Chrome OS, they were priced competitively to give some competition to Netbook manufacturers. That might not have happened possibly because of increasing number of tablet sales but Chromebooks have found some successes among the student population in the US and UK. Today, Google has unveiled Samsung […]

Will Google Dominate Netbook Market With Chromebook!

Google yesterday unveiled the Chromebook which is pretty much a netbook running on Chrome OS. The Chromebook is basically a computer with only a browser as the operating system. Everything is on the web, no files are stored locally.

The idea is to replace all local stored applications with web apps. All data is stored on the cloud. The first Chromebooks models are rolled out by Samsung and Acer.

Google Chrome Stable Version for Mac and Linux Released

Google has finally released the first stable version for Linux and Mac users. Initially, Beta versions of both the operating systems were available for download since December, but the number of bugs and instability that the beta version brought with it almost made it impossible for the browsers to be used. And for those, who […]

Google Chromium OS: Does it have a purpose?

Google has finally released Chromium OS as a open source project. The news about Google’s Chrome OS has been received by people with anticipation which is expected but views on the OS are different in many ways. Some experts think Chrome OS will drive Google to go the Microsoft way. Others think it will not last and the […]