Google Enables Search Filter for Animated GIF Images

Google has started rolling out a new search feature that will allow users to search for animated images in GIF format. Previously such images could be searched only using a search operator.

Remember all those weird animated images (usually .gif format) which are often funny and got a new lease of life on Google+ for a while? It seems Google wants users to be able to search more easily for animated images. A new update that is rolling out on Google search, allows a new option in image search. Just under Images on Google Search, and look up under Type and a new filter called “Animated” is made available.

Google Animated Images

The animated images shown are mainly GIF format images. Earlier if you had to search for animated images, users had to use a search operator filetype: (Read about most commonly used search operators on Google).

Though I assume there would be significantly more people using the new search filter than there were who used a search query like “filetype:GIF India”.

The new search filter actually might end up being useful as a traffic generator for some websites. There are always useful things that can be illustrated or explained using GIF images. Also looking at my social networking feeds I am guessing there still must be a lot of people searching of animated cat images or something similar.

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