Decide what happens to your Google Account after you die with ‘Inactive Account Manager’

Google allows users to decide what happens to their data in case their account is inactive for a set period. The data can be shared with friends and also scheduled to be deleted by Google.

Google has started rolling out a new feature for users, which allows them to deal with their account if it is inactive. The new feature allows users to pre-set a timeout period, option to notify upto 10 trusted friends. We can even schedule this trusted contact to get all the data from our accounts.

Though, Google might not be calling it a “Digital Will”, that is exactly what it is.

Inactive Account Google

How it works:

  • Visit this link and you will be taken to a page that helps your configure the settings for Inactive accounts.
  • The first option helps you choose the period of inactivity. It is set at 3 months by default.
  • Then we can go about selecting 10 friends who have to be notified, with a customizable message. More importantly you can choose to have Google delete all your data.

Why it is needed:

Google is the first major company that is rolling out something that allows us to basically create an online will of our data. We today create a lot of content and data online and not necessarily on physical hard drives or even paper. So having some control over our data after we are gone is a good initiative by Google.

Other than Google, Facebook too has an option to memorialize an account. But on Facebook, the options to transfer data does not exist.

Link: Google’s Inactive Account Manager


Nhoel April 12, 2013

i hope that someone will get back here and tell their experience.
not that im wishing that someone to die though.
or i would setup an email only gmail account and leave it for 3months.
thanks for the heads up!

Gaurav Sharma -SEO expert April 12, 2013

i hosted a blogger blog with a gmail account on my WordPress account. If i setup this customization on my gmail account. If i am not using that account for mailing purpose but It is used for blogging purpose on my WordPress hosted blog.

Will it affect my gmail account to deactivate and delete all my blog post written by me with lots of hard work and sweat.

Aditya Kane April 12, 2013

@Gaurav: No, this is Google Account activity and not Gmail activity. So if you are using any of the Google service like blogger, google+, gmail, YouTube etc… it will take that as activity on your account.

Thitherwards April 14, 2013

Well, a topic which we wouldn’t have thought of yet 😛