How Gmail Evolved Over The Past 9 Years [Infographic]

An infographic on how Gmail has evolved over the past 9 years. The chart tracks its evolution from threaded conversations to two-step verification feature over the years.

Remember those early days of Gmail, when they rolled out invites and let everyone who signed up get upto 10 invites initially. This led to the service going viral and helped Gmail drum up a lot of interest in a space totally dominated by the likes of Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

Gmail had a lot of first, like the offering 1 GB space which went up to 2GB on its first anniversary. Offering threaded conversations, chat messaging, working with your domain name as part of Google Apps offering and introduced two-step verification service and more. Today it is supposed to have over 425 million users.

Here is a infographic that looks back at how Gmail evolved over the past nine years.

Gmail Infographic

Gmail is by far my most favorite service or product by Google with Android running a close second. What are your views on Gmail, do drop in your comments.

(via Gmail Blog)

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Ankit Gade April 12, 2013

Personal mail accounts without Gmail !!
oops it is very hard to imagine 😉