Google is getting Desperate to Make Money from Orkut

I remember well, about a year ago, Google’s social networking site – Orkut started displaying Google adsense ads on Orkut users’ homepage below the ‘Community’ section. Infact, we posted about it on March 2008 here. But its really amazing to see Google getting desperate about generating more revenue from Orkut users. Guess what? This evening when I logged into Orkut, I was surprised to see the placement of Google ads between ‘Friends’ and ‘Community’ section.

Placement of Google ads changed on Orkut homepage

For your ready reference, I have uploaded a screenshot herewith wherein you can clearly notice how Google ads are interfering between ‘Friends’ and ‘Community’ section. 🙁

orkut gads

This time atleast, with change of placements of Google ads, its really very annoying as it interrupts while navigating between friends and community section.

Initiative to keep Orkut going?

Though I was disappointed by these changes, immediately after seeing it, I started thinking whether this is an initiative by Google to keep Orkut alive? Actually few days ago, when Google shut down some of its services, their were rumors floating around the internet that Orkut too may get closed.

May be this move by Google is to keep Orkut survive in these tough time, but I personally feel this change very annoying. What do you think?

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One Comment

Dnyanesh March 1, 2009

Orkut gets most of the traffic from Brazil and India. So, they can’t shut Orkut down in these countries. So, Chillax!!

Sad to see adverts on Orkut profiles, never imagined of it! Still if you hate it, install Adblock Plus addon in your Firefox browser and get peace.