[#Gfail] Gmail is not completely down! Google Apps version is UP

gmaillogo1.jpgFrom last few hours Gmail has been down here. First I thought, its unlucky me as coincidentally my internet connection is experiencing some problems since last night. But Twitter (and this) confirmed that I am not alone!

Still, as a (G)mail addict, I am waiting desperately for Gmail to come back, as I need to send some important mails.

Now coming back to Gmail.com, it is showing 502 Server Error. Optimistically, I checked m.gmail.com (Gmail’s mobile version) and also tried accessing Gmail.com via proxies. But no luck! 🙁

Then I tried hitting mail.rtcamp.com (Gmail in Google Apps) and it worked like charm! So if you are Google Apps user accessing your domain’s mails from Gmail.com, please don’t wait it to come back. You can directly go to mail domain of your Google Apps package and enjoy the service from there! 🙂

I haven’t checked Gmail’s status via POP and IMAP interface. Is there anyone who can comment on Gmail availability via POP and IMAP right now?

Update: Gmail.com is UP now (0445 PST, 1800 IST)

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Deepak Jain February 24, 2009

Yes tweoples says Gmail is working fine for IMAP and POP3 users..
But the point is, those who want to access Gmail now need to have it (IMAP or POP3) activated.

George February 24, 2009

Me too experienced it…now its up and running

sauravjit February 25, 2009

ya google apps are up….