Google Launches ‘Helpouts’: A place to share expertise

Google launches a landing page for a service that will allow users to access and offer help with video conferencing using Google+ hangouts.

Helpouts by Google
Landing page for Google’s new service Helpouts

Google today started rolling out a new by invite-only service called ‘Helpouts‘. The service will leverage video Hangouts to experts who can help people out via video chat. Google has not launched the service publicly and has just put up landing page. We can sign up as user or even experts. I guess they will send in a invitation code at some point of time.

What’s the plan behind Google Helpouts?

Helpouts by Google might have not shown any part of what the service is about but it’s help pages gives a good idea. The service will leverage video conference using Google+ Hangouts. Users will either be registered as experts or just users. Basically experts get to help people over video conferencing.

The experts will get the option of either offering their help to other free or charging users. The money transaction will be done though Google Wallet.

I am not sure how well this service will do. But lately, it is increasingly clear that Google is diversifying their revenue stream from being Advertisement only to other avenues. This is partly being done because making money from advertising from mobile platform will become increasingly difficult and the world is moving away from PC slowly but surely.

Thanks to Ricky Shah for the tip.

Link: Helpouts by Google


Animesh Roy August 23, 2013

Hi Aditya, you have pointed out a nice thing and I also think that Google is trying to diversify their revenue stream.
From a user’s perspective the concept of Helpouts is nice. Now let’s see.

Aditya Kane August 23, 2013

Thanks for commenting Animesh. Yes, it remains to be seen how Helpouts work but I think it will catch on because of the ‘Make Money’ feature. 🙂