ActiveNotifications: Get ‘Moto X’ Style Notification on Android

ActiveNotifications is a brilliant app that makes your Android device's screen light up systematically when you receive notifications and respond easily.

ActiveNotifications is a new app on the Google Play Store that brings Moto X’s Active Display feature to other Android devices. Motorola unveiled Moto X a fortnight back. It is the one of the best Android smartphones out there in the market now.

The Active Display feature in Moto X is an unique notifications system brought by Motorola. The screen brights up systematically quietly when you get a notification. Clearly, it consumes less battery on the AMOLED displays.

ActiveNotifications app is made by one of the XDA Developer members and is available on the Google Play Store. It is a free app. It can be installed in any Android running Android 4.0 and above. It will be brought to the lower versions of Android soon. It requires Device Administrator permissions.

This app brings a black screen whenever you receive a notification. A round shaped button is shown at the center. Swiping that up gives you an option to respond to the notification. Swiping down unlocks your device. Swiping left/right dismisses the notification.

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ActiveNotifications features

  • The screen doesn’t light up when you get notifications when your phone is in your pockets or turned down.
  • You can receive select apps’ notifications through ActiveNotifications.
  • Custom timeout : You can set the duration how long the notifications have to be shown.
  • Sleep at night : Notifications won’t be shown at night.
  • More privacy : Hides additional notification details.
  • Automatically switch off screen when dismissing notifications.
  • Adjust screen brightness : You can choose the brightness level.

The last 4 features are bundled with the pro version of this app. The pro version is priced at $0.99.

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To uninstall the app, you’ll have to uncheck ActiveNotifications from Device Administrators list (Settings > Security > Device Administrators) first and then uninstall.

Link : ActiveNotifications on Google Play