Google mocks Microsoft and Facebook with an April Fool’s Day Joke called Gmail Blue

Google showcases a fake feature called Gmail Blue as April Fools Day joke. It seems to poking fun at Facebook and Windows 8 upgrade called Windows Blue...

Microsoft is planning an update to Windows 8. The first update seems to be called “Blue” in Microsoft internally. This update is expected to fix a lot of issues with Windows 8 and expected by June 2013.

Facebook has also been introducing a new design for feeds and updated search feature called Graph Search. Facebook uses the colour blue a lot on its website’s UI.


Today being 1st of April, Google rolled out a non-existent feature called Gmail Blue.

It suggests that Gmail’s design will be dominated by the colour blue. See the video below that shows how Gmail Blue will takes the service into the 21st century. The funniest part being a project manager at Gmail speaking with a deadpan face that the idea was to completely redesign something while keeping everything the same.

This video seems a poking a bit of fun at Facebook’s design and also Windows 8 upgrade being called Blue. Jokes apart, Gmail today turned nine years old. It was launched on invitation only basis on 1st April 2004.

So who do you think Google was mocking? Facebook or Microsoft? Do drop in your comments.

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Vijay Choudhary May 9, 2013

He He !
That’s Great 🙂 Google – You Rock!