Feedly Adds 3 Million New Users in Just 14 Days!

Feedly the RSS feed reader is taking over the space being vacated by Google Reader fast. In latest numbers, it has added over 3 million users in 2 weeks.

The news of Google Reader being closed down on July 1, 2013 has turned out to be good for many RSS feed clients. One such service tasting success is Feedly. As Google Reader users are moving to find decent alternatives, Feedly through its blog post announced that over 3 million users were added onto Feedly in just two weeks.


Feedly – The unofficial heir of Google Reader

Feedly was launched in 2008 and has grown its user base to 4 million users prior. This was before Google announced it was shutting down Google Reader. Feedly has taken advantage by updating and launching Feedly Mobile client for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phones and tablets.

It has also designed add-ons or extensions for browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Feedly claims now that they are serving upto 50 million feeds.

With the speed Feedly has managed to snag Google Reader users, it can be said that it is now fast becoming the ruler of the space being vacated by Google Reader.

Interest in RSS Feeds is back!

Digg too has recently announced a new project on building a alternative for Google reader. Currently Digg’s plans are still far from reality and it will probably take a few weeks if not months before they launch an a good feed reader product.

RSS feeds are getting more attention today than ever. RSS feeds will survive and thrive until Google shuts-down Feedburner. That will be a major setback but shutting down feedburner for Google will be tricky given its importance to the Blogger.com platform.

(via Feedly)