Google opens Android retail stores in India partnering with Spice

Google partners with Spice to open Android experience stores in India, which will showcase the best of Android phones. tablets and apps.

It’s obvious that Android is growing like crazy in India. That’s not just the low-priced segment, but even the high end phones are getting sold like never before. But in spite of all this, Google never really focused on properly marketing Android in India.

That’s only until now, Google has partnered with Spice, one of the popular Indian Android OEMs, to open retail stores in India.


The stores are named ‘Androidland’ and have opened in Bangalore and Delhi on Wednesday. The main focus will be on showcasing Android phones/tablets from a variety of OEMs (Indian and international).

The Androidland staff, called ‘Spice Android gurus’ will be around to help you with setting up your device and explaining what all Android has to offer to you.

The staff will also recommend apps and let customers download them on the spot. Apparently, Google Play gift cards aren’t yet available in India, but if they were, it could be a win-win situation for Google and customers.

Hopefully, Google will open these stores in more cities and care about India the next time they release a Nexus device.

You can find the exact addresses of the store locations from the link below.

Link: Androidland