Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c to be launched in India on 01 Nov

Apple to lauch the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in India on the 1st of November. The availability before Diwali will possibly give iPhone sales a boost in India.

Apple fans in India have some good news coming their way. Apple will launch its flagship iPhone 5s and a the cheaper model iPhone 5c in India on 1st November. Along with India the two phone models will also be available in more countries.

Apple is perceived to have not taken the Indian market very seriously but lately they are definitely launching the products a lot sooner than previous times.

iPhone 5c

The price of iPhone 5s will be definitely on the higher side and could be over Rs. 45,000 or even cross Rs. 50,000. The iPhone 5s with its fingerprint scanner and 64-bit processors. Though all eyes will be on the iPhone 5c model. The phone will ship in different colours and is more or less considered the iPhone 5 with a plastic casing.

The phone will be a lot cheaper than what a new iPhone model usually is. It is expected to be around Rs.35,000. iPhone 5c could be a major factor in Apple’s strategy to get newer smartphone buyers into the iOS ecosystem. Even today,  most Indians prefer a Android phone simple for its range and prices.

Apple will be releasing the new iPhone models just in time for this years Diwali season which is a very wise thing to do. While Apple seems to be finally taking India more seriously, Google has not rested on the success of Android in India. It has also opened new Android stores in Bangalore and Delhi and will be soon opening more across India.

(via Apple)


Sagar Rai October 10, 2013

Hi Adi,

As my perception, Apple does not function any business establishment like retail store here and it’s not clear if this service will be offered by its licensed distributors in Bharat.


Aditya Kane October 10, 2013

@Sagar: Yes, Apple does not have a flagship store – but there are many Store in Store presence. Lately Apple has also planned to increase upto 100 store in store establishments with Indian retailers for targeting Tier II and Tier III cities more effectively.