Google+ overtakes Twitter: What does it mean for Facebook?

According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ has overtaken Twitter as the second most active social network. It is being used by about 25% slightly ahead of Twitter. Interestingly, Facebook has a commanding lead with garnering the attention of over 50% users.

Google+ is very closely linked to all products offered by Google. That means when you sign up with Gmail, you have created a Google+ account. The +1 button is also available on Google Play store, where apps often get +1s by Android users.


The small detail that is a little interesting is that YouTube is also ahead of Twitter.

Should Facebook Worry?

Facebook might still be top and will remain at the top for a long time, but the fact that Google+ and YouTube are at #2 and #3 respectively should be worrying. Both are owned by Google and reasonably different in scope.

But the big stake for any social media is the data they collect. For example, with Facebook’s new Search Graph, we can see how Facebook wants to show us more local data and recommendations.

Google has more rounded products to collect this data and more importantly it has its own mobile platform in Android and Google Maps as an addition.

Google+ has not really seen newer and unique features in 2012 but I am sure that will change this year.

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vinay January 29, 2013

Happy to see Facebook at top position!

Rishil February 3, 2013

But i strongly feel G+ will cross facebook within this year..

Shayari March 23, 2013

Facebook is at the top, I think it will never go down, no other networking site can cross facebook.