Google Play makes Nexus 7 available in India for Rs. 15,999

Google Play officially lists Nexus 7 tablets available in India for a price tag of Rs. 15,999. Google Play allows users to order the device online.

We knew Google was prepping something to serve up Nexus products in India. This was done with India being listed on the Nexus page. The Nexus 7 tablet was available in some India retail outlets but it was more or less a limited launch. Today, Google has listed Nexus 7 on Google Play store for India.

This means users can now order a Nexus 7 tablet from Google Play directly.

Google Play Nexus 7 India

The Nexus 7 listed in India is not exactly the latest version. It the WIFI only version with 16GB storage space. It will have Android 4.1 running on it but I guess it can be upgraded online once you buy it.

Should we buy Android tablets?

After buying an iPad Mini, I am not very keen on buying an Android tablet. I still think Android as an OS is miles ahead of Apple’s iOS from a user perspective. But the app ecosystem for tablets specifically is still a lot superior on app store rather than Google Play. But with more tablets being sold, I am sure Android app will catch up fast. Also Android based tablets tend to be a lot cheaper.

Link: Google Play – Nexus 7