Facebook Prompts Page Admins to Switch On Threaded Comments

Facebook has introduced threaded comments featured called "reply links" on Facebook pages and popular profiles.

Facebook has started prompting page owners and admins to choose threaded comments. They do not call it threaded comments or threaded conversations and like most things Facebook, it has a complicated name like “Reply links”.

So if you own a Facebook page you might get this prompt when you visit it.

FB Pages Reply Link

Turn on replies and every new comments will show up with “Reply” link. Clicking on it will allow you to reply to a comment. Replied comments do not show a reply link. This makes sense as sometimes a big discussion can really end up looking difficult to read. Here is a screenshot of threaded conversation on our Facebook Page.

FB_Threaded_comments_exampleThese comments show up in the old style on mobile platforms. I am guessing once Facebook apps are updated, it threaded comments will be introduced.

Will Reply Links reduce notification spam?

One major issue with Facebook pages is that popular updates get a lot of “Likes” and comments. Every time a user comments on an update they get notifications when someone else comments. This can be annoying if those comments are unrelated to your comment and can cause notification spam.

Also threaded conversation might help with blogs using Facebook comments on their blogs. What are your views on Facebook comments getting a reply link? Do drop in your comments.