Which Google Products and Services are most Popular!

We all search for a lot of things online and about 70% among us use Google. Most people might be searching for news, products, maps, prices and more. The other day I was searching for the URL of Chrome’s Beta channel. I obviously used Google, but then I thought, there must be a few queries on Google about Google’s own products.

If people are searching for Google products and services online, then it would be easy to check out which Google services are most popular. This is thanks to the auto-complete feature from Google.

What is popular on Google about Google?

So on searching Google showed up popular queries as prompted, I found that Google Maps was the most searched or popular query.


While it was no surprise that Google maps was most popular, I was a little shocked to see Google Chrome so far below. I thought it was the fastest growing browser around and a lot more people might be searching for it than say Google docs or Google scholar.

Next I decided to check what does Google India, suggest for the same query.


Well it seems, people in India are searching for Google Earth a lot more than Google Maps. Also people “google chrome” as a suggestion is 4th from the top and not languishing at the bottom.

Does this mean Indian’s search for Chrome more than people in the US do? Chances are it is probably true in terms of average but not in volumes.

Which Google products do you most search for online? Do let me know in your comments.


Abhishek Biswal April 30, 2011

Ha! Nice Re-search! @Aditya – Why are we Indians mad about Google Earth?

Aditya Kane May 1, 2011

I am not sure, but before I started blogging, even I probably looked up Google Earth more than other things.