Top 5 Free Android Applications For Health and Fitness

If you own an Android OS mobile phone, you’re in for some good news. Classy applications aren’t designed just for iPhones and Windows handhelds anymore.

There are many applications in the Android market as well. In this article, I am sharing 5 Android applications for people who are health buffs. Best of all, all 5 of these applications are free. So get started, use these apps for better health.

#1.My Tracks

As you walk, run, bike, hike or involve yourself in any other athletic activity, your Google My Tracks is busy recording your path using its inbuilt GPS sensor. This application also gathers metrics such as the speed at which you traveled, the distance you traveled, at what elevation and how much time you took to complete your exercise.

My Tracks can also record data from several external sensors such as the Zephyr Technology Consumer HxM Bluetooth heart rate monitor.  You can share your My Tracks track data as TCX, GPX, CSV or KML or file.

#2. Recipe Search

Here’s an app that lets you quickly find the recipes you want based on your preferred ingredients. You can browse over 70,000 recipes that are neatly categorized. The recipes include everything from appetizers to main dishes, side dishes, diet dishes, to drinks and desserts. You can also use this app to participate in a recipes community, where you can share your recipes and send links to to your friends.

#3. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a fast and easy to use calorie counter for Android OS handhelds. This application accesses a large food database containing caloric measurements for over 750,000 food items, including fast foods, medifast and nutrisystem diets, snacks, etc. You can use this app to enter your daily diet.

Calorie Counter remembers your favorites and allows you to add multiple food items to the list. You can sync with the Web, and log into the application either via your phone or your computer. The biggest plus is that your data is fully backed up, ready to access at any time.

#4. Instant Heart Rate

This application converts your phone into a quick and accurate heart rate monitor. Instant Heart Rate does not require any external hardware to monitor your heart rate. You can use this app to optimize your exercise routine and to track your progress.

Instant Heart Rate uses a technique similar to the one used by medical pulse oximeters to measure your heart rate. Place your index finger on your phone’s camera when the app is on. The app measures your heart rate based on the color changes in the fingertip that are directly linked to your pulse.


JEFIT is a professional weight training and body building application that’s been designed by serious bodybuilders. This application contains a workout planner equipped with hundreds of exercises for your references, along with smart workout logs. You can sync your workout progress, and charts for tracking workout and body statistics on your computer.