Google+ Races to 10 Million Users in 2 Weeks! Facebook, Twitter took 2 Years

Google Plus has the full backing of Google behind it and evidence of it is how many people have adopted it in its early stages. Google+ has raced to 10 millions users in 2 weeks. This landmark took Facebook 852 days while it took Twitter 780 days.

Here is a nice presentation Leon Håland on Google+ brings out the contrast between the initial growth chart of Google+ compared to Twitter and Facebook. What is more incredible is that Google+  is invite based and not open to everyone.


This proves that Google+ is being accepted and looks like they have finally a winning social product on their hands. It might be interesting to see the strategies adopted by other companies who might be threatened by Google+.

What are your views on this phenomenal growth of Google+? Do drop in your comments.


Techno July 26, 2011

One thing that has contributed to it’s vigorous growth is that people have been waiting for a new social networking site by google after they got bored with orkut. Also invite based sites draw more attention than sites open to all.

Latest stats say that google plus has over 20 million users.

Aditya Kane July 26, 2011

I still feel the brand name Google had a lot more for the speedy growth. 🙂