Schemer – Google’s New Creation to Search for Activities!

Google has recently launched Schemer, a new service which allows users to add and discover activities based on their location. For instance if I want to learn how to play a guitar then I can create a scheme on my schemer profile about it. My circle of friends from Google+ and services tied to the site can recommend me a guitar shop or a class, where I could learn how to play it. My friends and others (if the activity is publicly shared) can even comment on my scheme with helpful tips.


Once someone signs up with Schemer, that user can also view a host of activities planned by their friends on Google+. You might be able to tick off things you have done among them.

Local and Social

I guess the idea behind Schemer is to help people discover new activities they want to do. For instance if I was visiting a particular city, I might be served up city specific activities which I could find interesting. Schemer is also neatly wrapped with Google+, adding another reason to get on Google’s social network.

Google might also be trying to create something like Foursquare, which is also a location based social network. With Schemer, Google might also be able to aggregate local data for its search results, which it is not exactly really good at currently. At some stage we can probably expect Schemer to be integrated with Google+ profiles and relevant Mobile apps.

Facebook has recently bought Gowalla, another location-based social network. That would make it a competitor to Google’s Schemer somewhere down the line.

Currently Schemer is in beta stage on invite only basis. To get into the queue visit their website and add your email id for getting an invite.

What do you think about Google’s latest? Will you like something like or prefer to share things to do online on Google+, Facebook only? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Schemer


Madhav Tripathi December 12, 2011

After using Schemer I knew there are many people in the world that are similar to me.

Hari December 13, 2011

Hi! i need Schemer Invitation!

Thank yu…

Vivek December 13, 2011

Do you have an invitation for me?