Use Google to Search for Connecting Flights

I end up using Google to search for documents, news, tutorials and even images. It seems Google wants to become the single place for users to search for any information. Hence the new search tool allowing looking up available flights is not surprising.

Just visit and you can view all available flights between two places.


The search page allows for many filters like skimming through nonstop or even looking up flights from a particular airline. It also allows looking up flight schedules based on time and date you specify.

Unfortunately the flight information is only restricted to within U.S. But I am sure, Google will roll out this service for flights in other countries.

Here is a video demo of the new feature.

For frequent flyers, this search feature of Google will be very useful.

Google has added a lot of search features in the last couple of years. It has allowed adding background images, showing preview of websites in search results and more. But these tweaks have not caught as much attention as the algorithm changes called Panda Update.

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Link: Google Flights Search