Instantly Preview Websites with Google Search

Google has practically replaced the word “search”.  Forget the internet, think of an abnormal day where you aren’t involved with the computer at all, you wake up – look for your glasses – slippers – clothes – keys – a way through the traffic – parking – the search never ends. If there is one entity that can define and then redefine this word, it has to be Google.

Google Instant Preview takes it to a new level. You are probably aware of the recent breakthrough with Google Instant which throws up search results as you type the search query. With Instant Preview, the user can preview the website of each search result before choosing to visit the page.

Instant Preview Features

  • Type in your search query and you will get the results. Next to the result links click on the magnifying glass icon which will display the preview. (check the above image)
  • It does not show the preview for flash run websites.
  • It works whether Google Instant is on or off.
  • In case you do not see this as a default on your browser visiting the Instant Preview landing page.
  • As per Google, you are 5% more likely to be satisfied with your search results but makes no difference to me. 😛

Here is the official video:

Let me know whether you like this new feature Google has come up with. Drop in your comments below.

Link: Google Instant Preview

7 replies on “Instantly Preview Websites with Google Search”

  1. shradha rao thanks for the info,This feature is really awesome,just click on the button[circular]and you will see the preview of webpage,but i think users with slow internet will not enjoy it that much what you say?

  2. Well many times im looking out for a website ive already visited before, in which case this is helpful ! i can simply just check which one looks familiar before i can load it ! also for mobile phones where there is a download limit one can just check if thats the page they want before clicking on it !
    Google is gonna take over the world !

  3. Thanks guys! @Jagan: It seems that if the connection is slow then Google automatically disables Instant Preview. @Hannan: Hopefully our world is not that trivial, that a corporate can take over!

  4. I saw this a while ago when I did a search in google, it is written below about an offer to preview results. I didn’t try it though. I will be trying it later on 🙂 Does the preview load fast?

  5. Thanks for your comment [email protected] The preview seems to load quite quickly, but it also depends on your connection speed. Like I’ve stated before, Google automatically turns Instant Preview off if it detects a slow connection. Try it and let me know what you think!

    1. Good point Venkat. But as I’ve mentioned before it automatically turns off these features if it detects a slower connection. Also if you aren’t interested in Google Instant, you can easily turn it off.

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