Google Search to highlight “In-Depth” articles on results page

Google will start highlighting "in-depth" articles on its results page. The results will be ranked algorithmically and will use signals based on Schema.

Google has announced a new feature that showcases In-depth articles on it’s search results page. This in-depth articles are long-form stories which help users learn about topics in a deeper way.

For example users are searching for “censorship” then some very in-depth articles on censorship will be highlighted as seen in the image below.


So why are In-Depth articles important?

The problem sometimes with search in the era of breaking news and developing stories is that in-depth and well researched articles hardly show up in search results at the top.

Most well researched and long articles usually get traction on social media more than Google search results unless they are very specific like tutorials and guides.

Google will pick up signals like the reputation of the website and also the author thanks to “Google Authorship” meta data that can be added to the articles. The in-depth article results will be ranked algorithmically.

Google will be churning out this feature over a few days, so you might see these in-depth articles in search results over the next few days.

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Ataul Haque August 10, 2013

Thanks, after my domain name change, my traffic has slashed abnormally and now Google search results also disappointing me lot. Any help? I had changed my domain name on may 2013. But still unable to get the traffic which I was getting before may 2013.