Feedly launches Pro accounts for $5 per month fee

Feedly announces new features for a Pro account with $5 montly fee, which includes searching for articles from the feed, https for security and saving articles to Evernote.

Feedly Pro AccountsGoogle Reader’s demise led to Feedly gaining heavily among its alternatives. The once unknown name in RSS feed readers suddenly in period of three months became the most popular feed reader out there. Today Feedly, announced that they are launching Pro accounts for a free of $5 per month. A yearly subscription is $45.

So what does the pro account entail? Not a great deal at the moment. It will have added layer of security by using “https”, ability to search for articles withing your feeds, single click integration to save an article on Evernote account and finally tech support.

Personally I will stick to the free version as the features are not as many and not as critically important to shell out $5 every month. The free version of Feedly will continue but it looks like what Feedly wants to do is put up all add-ons into the a pro-account.

Are “Free” RSS Feed Readers on their way out?

I think so. RSS feeds are popular but definitely not as popular social media for consuming new content. This is mainly thanks RSS feed consumption not having the ability to discuss and debate. For instance a link I come across on someones Facebook page, I can leave a comment on it and have a discussion on it. We cannot do that with RSS feed readers.

Also the number of people adopting feed readers do not seem to be growing, atleast not by much. This means keeping the products free will be that much harder. I suspect most feed readers like Feedly will end up keeping a no frills RSS reader with new features and integration with other services provided only to people who pay.

What are you views on Feedly’s plans to have a pro account? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Feedly Pro