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google_logo You must be wondering what would be better and alternative way of making Google search, when the home page of Google itself has got such a simple and user friendly interface. The service I am talking about is Gog.Is that helps you get Google search results as soon you enter on your address bar For example if I wish to make a Google Search for the entry “DevilsWorkshop” then I can directly enter “” and I would get the similar page that would have been appeared while searching in Google for the term ‘DevilsWorkshop’.

You must be thinking what exactly is the use of such services? After all you need to type such a long URL on the address bar. If you remember about the post “Let Me Google that for you” which is useful for making Google search for your buddies.. Similarly, Gog.Is is a similar service that would help you to locate a Google entry easily while having chat with your buddies.

The home page of Gog.Is explains better of what exactly it can do:

Ever felt like slapping someone with a Google search, while in an IM conversation, chatrooms, or on Twitter? simply write and put the keywords in the url, like this: This will redirect them to the Google search for clerks.


p align=”justify”>So this time your friend asks your assistance, then do not get pissed off.. Just slap him with a Google search using Gog.Is 😉

Link: Gog.Is


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