Meet MTV Roadies on Orkut

MTV Roadies” this is the term present on the ‘tip of the tongue’ of every Indian, specially among youngsters. If you are not a MTV roadie fan, then you must be knowing about it atleast. From pillar to post, you can find someone crazy about MTV roadie..

MTV roadies hell down

Keeping in mind the interest of Roadies fan, I am providing you the list of Orkut Profiles of MTV roadies 6.0 hell mates.. If you are a roadie fan too.. just explore your favorite roadie. 🙂


tamannaTamana – Orkut Profile



Roop – Orkut Profile



Pardeep – Orkut Profile



Neha – Orkut Profile (Voted Out)



Sandeep – Orkut Profile



Nauman – Orkut Profile



Suzanna – Orkut Profile


These are the list of profile compiled by the author of Orkutting Trix, if you have some other roadies’ profile URL then please let us know. 🙂

Links : MTV official site

Thanks OrkutTrix for this nice list.. 🙂


Gautam January 14, 2009

When did Neha got out? :O

Deepak Jain January 15, 2009

@ Gautam
I am not a BIG roadie fan..
Their official site says so

VISHAL January 28, 2009

Neha voted out in first journey 🙂

alok February 17, 2009

where is bobby???

sneha March 17, 2009

is bobby on orkut?

ash March 26, 2009

ppl…….can sum1 plzz tel wedr sufi iz on orkut…..n if he iz…..plzz post d link!!

krish April 5, 2009

hey..!! when i tried to add tammana in orkut they asked me her e-mail adress.. now how do i get that ???
i am event not able to scrap her. can some 1 help me out ..?


VISHAL April 15, 2009

@ Krish

U Can’t do anything until u don’t know her mail id ..

sania January 20, 2010

hey can anyone give me their orkut address plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!