Google Introduces Scientific Calculator on its Search Page

Google has many search tricks up its sleeve. For instance we use it as a calculator or even a unit converter. Google has recently updated both its calculator and unit converter to make it more interactive.

All you need to do to launch it is type in “2+2” on its search bar to fire up the new scientific calculator web app.

Considering how common scientific calculators are as free apps on almost all platforms, one could wonder what exactly was Google was trying to do.

But being a web based app on the search result page itself, the calculator can be used across platforms even on mobile phones and tablets.

Also as most smart phones and even Chrome on desktops allow voice input, one could potentially use this app without the need to type in stuff.

Google’s Recently Upgraded Search Features

Google has recently introduced a lot of new and interesting search features. If you search for “1 kms = miles”, it shows up new interactive unit converter. It means users do not need to type in search queries for converting units over and over again.

Another useful search feature is “”. It will show up a list of movies playing in theaters from around your city.

Also you can check up on international flight arrivals and departures with its Flights search feature.

Along with these search features you might also like to check using different operators on the Google search.