New Google Apps Sign-up No Longer Free

Google ApplicationsEven though at work I use a an app account which is a paid version, I have one which is free for a personal website. I was sent a email by Google that they would be discontinuing new sign-up of their free version of Google apps. While many people are using the paid version of Google apps, these free app accounts were a favorite of small business owners.

So here is how app users stand. Both paid and free versions of Google app accounts will remain intact. Only new sign-ups will not be allowed.

Currently the apps accounts is offering upto $50 per user for the whole year. For Indian users they are offering the same package at INR 2700/-

This price is a little too high but I think many small business owners will still sign-up.

Why is Google shutting out Free Apps account?

While some websites are suggesting that Google makes revenues upto $1 billion from its App accounts offerings. It still has a several million users who are using the free version. Google app accounts is not just about the email but also offers Google Drive, Google Reader, Google+ and other Google related products. It might also be planning to bring out more offerings to compete better with Microsoft’s Enterprise solutions.

By the way if you are the worrying kind and want to move your Google+ circles and followers from app account to Gmail, so check this tutorial out.

What are your views on Google apps removing the free package? Do drop in your comments.

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