Has Apple reached its Peak or hit a Plateau? [Infographic]

Apple is the world most valued company. It is also one of the most profitable companies in the world. The profits really are raked in by the billions by the uber-successful iPhone.

There are also other trends likes less iPhone users want to buy another iPhone compared to previous years. Also Apple has missed the expected sales for iPhone 5. It was expected to sell over 6 million phones but ended up selling only 5 million.

After Apple stocks fell by record numbers over the last week, I thought taking a look at this infographic by Online Business Degree.


Even if Apple has reached its peak, it still has a massive momentum. And this momentum will continue for atleast a couple of years. In the meanwhile, Apple could possibly open up new markets for itself in China. It might introduce a new device like a television set or even a wearable computer, which could keep Apple right at the top all over again.

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Ram Kumar December 16, 2012

Nice infographic. Superb analysis. Thank u for this 🙂