Google Social Search now shows Google+ posts

Google search engine is dropping a new bomb over Bing’s social search project. Bing and Facebook came together almost a year ago to leverage social search. This is a way of showing links or updates made my your socially connected network on search engines.

This makes sense to an extent when you are searching for movie reviews or the news.

Google Plus lacked search, and it was conspicuous considering it was a Google product.

Google has now integrated Google Plus into social search. This makes sense, as I wrote in an earlier post about how Google uses Gmail contacts via Google Profiles to power social search results from various other social networks.


What does this signal?

It means there are two things about to happen. Firstly, we might see Bing and Facebook getting a little nervous. Considering both Bing and Facebook might have different agendas even as they co-operate. Google+ and Google Search could never have differing agendas.

Secondly we can soon expect that Google+ will see a search facility (probably Google real-time results) to give users a neat interface to actually look up trending search results.

What are you views? Will social search help Google+ or it will have no impact on Facebook? Do drop in your comments.

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Atul Kumar August 16, 2011

superb article…thanks for sharing