Google Talk got emotions and Group-Chat Feature!

Google_Talk_Emotions Just noticed two new features on Google Talk – my favorite instant Messenger Client!

  1. New picture emotions
  2. Group-Chat Feature


1. New Picture Emotions!

Like other big-old messenger (yahoo, msn, etc) Google talk now have limited picture emotions!

The quantity and quality of these emotions is but surprisingly low. May be Google will add more and better emotions soon.

Screenshots below will show you as how to express these new emotions while chatting on Google Talk.





2. Group-Chat Feature

This is one I guess most guys eagerly waiting for. Very often bunch of people are chatting on common topic like recent cricket match, a new offer,  movie, etc.

Now curtsey of this feature you all can chat in same window! 🙂

Simple way to do this is start chatting with your friend and as people come online invite them to join conversation. Following screenshot shows pictorially how to invite people to join your Google-Talk conversation!





These new feature are only available with GoogleTalk embedded in Gmail. Lets hope an update for official Google Talk Client soon!

Like me, many of you just love simplicity of GoogleTalk! So let us know if these picture emotion disappointed you?