Google to Close Video Service Shortly

google Video logo Recently Google closed down many of its services including Jaiku, Mashup Editor, Google Notebook and other Google products, and now Google Video Blog has come up with an announcement, that it will shortly close down its video services too. Google adds that, though the existing videos will not be deleted and will remain as it is, but they would not entertain any further uploads of videos after a few days. Here Google Video is not to be confused with YouTube that Google brought into its banner sometime in October 2006.

In its Official video blog, Google team says:

In a few months, we will discontinue support for uploads to Google Video. Don’t worry, we’re not removing any content hosted on Google Video — this just means you will no longer be able to upload new content to the service.

So, people who have already uploaded their videos (including me) need not panic seeing these bad news by Google as existing videos will be left as it is. But new uploaders need to search for some alternatives. And I think YouTube is the best alternative available!

Link: Official Release