Google+ Hangouts Can Become Public Broadcasts!

Google+ started out pretty much as a much better designed copy of Facebook. The user-interface and privacy options certainly earned it some approval but people in general did not flock to it in droves. That is because, you cannot dislodge a leader (read Facebook) by just creating a clone of it. Google seems to be […]

Stabilize Shaky Camera Motion on YouTube Videos

Home Videos are often shot usually on hand-held cameras and one issue is the camera is usually not stable and appears to be quite shaky. This is very evident especially on videos shot from a mobile phone.

YouTube now allows users to stabilize shaky camera motions on uploaded videos with a simple click of a button in new ‘edit’ mode

Migrate from Google Videos to YouTube automatically!

A few days ago, I wrote how Google is closing down Google Videos and expects people to download their videos and then upload them to YouTube individually. Considering YouTube is owned by Google, it was quite disappointing that a more simple method was not arranged by Google. Google probably got a lot of angry mail […]

Google Video Shutdown: Moving to YouTube is an Inconvenience

I am not sure many of your might have known of a service called Google Video. The service allows users to search for videos along with uploading videos they might have online. Google Video was created as a competitor to YouTube but the latter simply took an unassailable lead. Google then bought YouTube and today […]

VLC Keyboard Shortcuts to Fix Audio/Video Delay in Movies

One of the most irritating part while watching a movie on your computer is the delay between the audio/video streams! I see many friends often downloading a different print of the same movie. That’s a lot of work for most broadband users in India and many other countries. But if you are using the VLC media […]