Google to roll addons for Chrome users!

There’s some good news coming in for ‘Chrome‘ users. Google’s Chrome, youngest in the field of browser, is planning to roll out addons as in Firefox, for its users too. 🙂

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Though there is no such official news from the Google team, but Aaron Boodman working in Google for Chrome and Gears, has mentioned on his blog that:

For the past few weeks, myself and a few others have been looking into how extensions might work in Chromium. Last Wednesday, we published a design doc with the beginning of our plan.
If you’re an extension developer or user, we’d love to hear your feedback. You can reach us at [email protected].

So, the above few lines by a Google employee, is evident of the fact that addons and 3rd party plugins in Chrome is sure to be rolled out in the upcoming days. Also this is not a good news just for Chrome users but for plugin developers too, as they are looking for them. 🙂

(Via Tech2)

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Chetan December 6, 2008

So now, Google chrome creating competition for firefox.