A Web Designer Guide of Top Firefox Addons

A web designer must have following extension for better productivity. It improves ones coding or debugging speed. Many complicated task are solved at a few clicks.
Firefox has a chain of hundreds of Addon, in which I have collected a list of most essential Firefox extension which every Designer must use to boost their productivity.

Sync Firefox addons across multiple PCs

Shuttling between work and home can be like juggling through different time zones!! Though I use the same browser, which is Firefox- both seem like they are in two different worlds because my add-ons are completely different. I get used to one and have a problem with the other. I guess this was the same problem the developers of Siphon faced when they decided to come up with a Firefox add-on sychronizer.

Siphon syncs your Firefox add-ons across different computers. Apart from add-ons, it also manages your saved passwords across these computers.

Find if a website has a Grease Monkey script available

If you like social networks, Gmail or just about any site, chances are there is a helpful GreaseMonkey script on it. It would be really nice if while on a website I had a simpler way of looking up a GreaseMonkey script than actually searching for it.

This is where Greasefire Addon is very helpful.

Split Browser Screen for Comparing Mockups [Firefox Extension-Tile Tab]

I always find it difficult to compare mockups with my website, so I came across a Mozilla Addon which splits the browser in tile pattern. I used to compare the mockup with the original website is to toggle ALT + TAB. Then I found a better solution which can be used with Mozilla Addon called Tile Tabs. There are several ways of doing this but I found Tile Tabs the easiest to use.

After the Deadline spell check for Browsers

Having a great vocabulary or a good command over the language does not mean we cannot make mistakes when it comes to writing an email or even a note. There are times, when we are not sure if about an article or general grammar rules. Then there are mistakes which creep in inadvertently. We bloggers call them typos.

After the Deadline is a great help for dealing with such issues.

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Google Releases Browser Add-ons to Disable Google Analytics Tracking

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Fox Tab: Look up tabs in Firefox in 3D layout

Looking up your bookmarks on Firefox can be a little annoying especially if we like to keep the browser clean and simple. Bookmarks and tabs being looked up with a simple click is an absolute must.
FoxTab is a Firefox addon which allows adding web-pages as a bookmark and then looking them up in 3d layout which makes it easy to look up these websites with a simple click.