Google Voice: Choose One Common Number for all your Phones

image A few months back Google released Google Voice, making it easier for people to manage communications like phone calls, voice messages and text messages. Evolving from GrandCentral that Google acquired some two years back, it is finally opening its voice mail box to the masses. This means that those of you signed up on Google’s new Voice program will finally get a shot at it. All those who are still unregistered, will soon be able to avail the service.

What is Google Voice?

  • Not linked to any phone or location, your Google phone number is like a regular phone number which is linked to you.
  • It is an Internet telephone service that allows you to make domestic as well as international calls from your computer.
  • It gives you a Google phone number which links all your phones together into one central communications network.
  • People don’t have to worry about calling you at home, work or mobile phone. They can simply call on your Google number and you get to decide which phone rings.
  • You could have all your phones ring at once, or different phones as per your choice, convenience and based on who is calling.
  • If you do not want to attend calls, you can have the call forwarded straight to your Google voicemail that you could check later from any phone or online for free (

Getting started

  • Click here to send a Google Voice Invitation Request.
  • Just leave your name and email, and Google will invite you as soon as Google Voice becomes available. If you left your email address previously on the GrandCentral site, you don’t need to resubmit it here.
  • Once you receive your invitation, just click on the link and follow the instructions to setup your new Voice account.
  • You can find a Google number that is personalized to you. Make use of the number picker that lets you search by area code and text. You could find a number that contains your name, a specific word or a number combination.


Link: Google Voice Invitation Request

(Source & Image credits: Google blog)