Google+ Circles Gets Integrated into Gmail!

When Google introduced Google+, it insisted that you do so with a Google account (read your Gmail account). The idea was that your Gmail contacts would easily sit into Google+ Circles as most people use their email accounts to connect with friends, family and colleagues.

Google+ was not as well-integrated into Gmail possibly because of the backlash suffered from Google Buzz. But today Google has taken the plunge and has introduced Google+ Circles on the left hand column of your Gmail layout.


Google+ Circles show up like your other labels. If you look up all your circles, you can see the mails from people within those Google+ Circles.

Google+ Biggest Ace is Gmail

Google+ has over 40 million people signed up. But chances are that only a fraction of them are active on Google+. Google has packaged Google+ as a watering hole for all Google services and products. Gmail has a ready-made contact list for people to connect with each other. Google+ will leverage it and allow people to share on Google+ without actually visiting the social network.

If Google+ manages to get all those millions active, it will get some others like Facebook and Twitter a little nervous.

Do you like the idea of Google+ Circles’ in your Gmail? Do drop in your comments.

(via Google Blog)

One Comment

A Kong December 10, 2011

No, I do not like goggle+ in my gmail, however, I rarely access gmail via a web browser because of their non open source scripts.