Google’s Nexus 4 launch seems imminent in India

Google's landing page for Nexus shows India as part of the countries where the device will be available. This might mean the Nexus 4 phone's launch is imminent.

Google’s Nexus 4 mobile phone device was launched almost 4 months ago in the US but as yet there is no real news for a India launch. But that might change very soon and Nexus 4 availability (officially)seem imminent in India. The landing page for Nexus 4 on Google, shows India added in the list of countries it should be available.


Why the launch is imminent?

  • Nexus 4’s launch in India was being held up probably to wait for the announcement of LG’s Optimus G. As LG also manufactures Nexus 4, it probably did not want Nexus 4 to overshadow the Optimus G.
  • Pricing issues are also a bit of a stumbling block. LG’s Optimus G goes for around Rs. 31,000. Nexus 4 goes for $299 for the 8 GB mobel. That is approximately Rs. 16,000. If Nexus 4 is released in India, expect it to be priced around the Optimus G price range.
  • With Samsung Galaxy S IV unveiling only days away, it might give LG a nice buzz around March 15 in India, to crash Samsung’s party, atleast in India.

India needs a Nexus Phone!

India is fast turning over from being a country that loved its Blackberry and Nokia to a country that has safely adopted the Android platform. Android phones are outselling other phones in the smart-phone market but it is still a country does not have a Nexus phone available officially. The stock Android experience is something, Google should make easily available than it is in India at the moment.