Video and Photos of possible Samsung Galaxy S IV leaked!

Samsung will be taking the covers of their flagship Galaxy S IV phone in a couple of days on 14 March. But that has not stopped some photos and a video of it being leaked. According to website SammyHub, the phone in the model below is what the Galaxy S IV would look like.

Galaxy S4 Leaks front

The phone model is supposedly GT – I9502. The phone allegedly is the dual-sim version of Galaxy SIV for China. The phone seems to have Android 4.2.1 and 5-inch display screen. It has 2GB RAM and 13MP camera. The phone does seem to have all the specs to be the next Galaxy S IV.

Galaxy S4 Leaks front

You can also see a short leaked video hands-on:

Is it the real deal?

We will never know about that. Samsung Galaxy S IV might be testing many models during their testing phase and this could be one of the prototypes. But it will be great to compare and check to see if the phone when unveiled on March 14.

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  1. if it’s leaked photos….. then its very disappointing me .. as i am bored of watching same design in all the galaxy phone …… s 3 note 2, grand, note 8………

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