Government now monitoring the Social Networking sites!

According to TOI, the government is keeping an eye on the “misuse” of social networking sites by anti-national elements in Jammu and Kashmir and northeast in India.

After the Egypt’s revolution it may be India now. 🙂 Defence minister AK Antony on Thursday said

We are aware some people are misusing these networks…we will put proper safeguards in place, take corrective action. But we are not for taking any hasty decision.

Well, lets see if some protest takes place ? Will keep you all updated. Till then share your thoughts with me on this. 🙂

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3 replies on “Government now monitoring the Social Networking sites!”

  1. well…another interesting topic, as long as i know Mr.A.K.Antony is one of the genuine person in the Cabinet. Everybody says that India is a big democratic country and Indians have every right to talk anything, well at this point, monitoring on social network sites and keeping an eye its definitely would give to the world wrong signals because everybody has their own perspective, according their own perceptive people tweet, share whatever they want. I don’t think govt would take any hasty decision on this but definitely should do something whos working against India.

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