15 Interesting Facts about YouTube

Watching a video without downloading was once almost a dream, which came true with the coming of YouTube. There are many other websites which provides live streaming of user videos, but since YouTube is a part of the esteemed Google network, we tend to go crazy for it, naturally!

Traffic Data

  • In 2010, YouTube made the World record of receiving 700 Billion playbacks.
  • YouTube = 1,50,000+ full length movies in theatres every week.
  • Everything is not the United States, 70% of YouTube’s traffic is from outside the US.
  • Between October, ‘09 and May, ‘10, the daily views doubled to more than 2 billion.
  • The volume of videos uploaded during 2010 surpassed 13 million hours.
  • YouTube is not just for the young, everyone between 18 to 54 years of age watches videos on YouTube.
  • YouTube is not just English, it is localized for 25 countries in about 43 languages.

Where’s the Money?

  • YouTube has over 10000 partners with hundreds of them making a 6-figure income every year.
  • It monetizes over 2 billion video views every week and this is increasing.
  • Advertisements on YouTube has grown 10 times in the last 10 years.

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  • Friend connections have increased and over 5 million people have at least subscribed to 1 friend.
  • People do a lot of rating and comment on YouTube videos with over 50% of the videos in that category.
  • We all do a lot of video sharing on Facebook, ins’t? Exactly, about 4 million people are connected and sharing videos.

The Product

  • YouTube leads in terms of total HD Content available on it’s website. (a report by CNET)
  • A 10% of the total videos are available in HD.

I hope you would have enjoyed reading the facts above, then don’t wait and pen down your thoughts and comments right now!

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