Grandview: A Minimal writing app for Mac

Writing apps are in plenty for Mac. In fact, almost every month a new distraction-free writing app will popup in the Mac Appstore. Grandview too is a writing app aiming at simplicity, but it’s different.

Grandview’s interface

When you launch Grandview, you get nothing but a white screen, and that is all. It lets you see what you’re typing, just one word at a time, that’s the biggest difference between any writing app and Grandview.

Showing one word at a time results in huge font size, so you concentrate in nothing but the text.  Hit ⌘=  (all keyboard shortcuts are customizable) to get the full view.

There’s no spell correction or word count or markdown support or any other fancy features.

Grandview lives in your Mac’s menubar, and what ever you type in the app, gets copied to clipboard automatically.

Apparently, it is not a great word processor but can work very well with those. You can customize the font, background color and more in app settings. Just make sure you select a high quality font, because the text is huge in the app.

Grandview Demo

Here’s a demo video of the app.

The app is free (it was shareware previously) and can be downloaded from the Mac Appstore.

Link: Grandview