How Broken Commenting is totally meaningless?

Have you ever seen comments like “Good Post”, “very good, keep it up”, “nice”, “Good work”, etc. on your blog ?

I bet many of you would have certainly experienced such poor commenting and those who moderate their comments might not have allowed them to be posted !

These are known as Broken Comments, which have been posted just for the sake of getting back links! Usually you will get such annoying replies on sites with good page ranks. Before writing this post, I was reading an article of one of the famous pro bloggers  and noticed that out of the Top 5 comments, 2 were broken.

The ‘creators’ of such comments may have posted them with the view to draw huge traffic, however, I don’t think people will ever want to visit the site of such a blogger, who gives a damn about the article and instead is focused on generating traffic for himself. And personally speaking, I hate such meaningless comments!!

If you have got nothing to say and still want to thank him, then thank the author through Twitter or Facebook, instead of writing one line comments with no meaning. If you really want to get attention, then a quality comment is a must. Not only will good comments attract readers,  it will also encourage them to interact with you. Getting them interested in your views and way of thinking will definitely encourage them to visit your site and who knows, they might turn into regular visitors.

However, I am not denying the fact that some of them are genuine too, but most  of the time the motive is something else. In short, to sum up, fake comments lack sincerity and are only meant to drive traffic and are nothing more than ( set of ) rigmarole.

Commenting is a powerful tool and should therefore be used carefully.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Paritosh, the author of Techvorm. This is his first post on Devils Workshop.

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11 Comments May 22, 2009

Agreed with you… Nice Post.

Atleast Broken Comment don’t do much harm… but what annoys me ever since i shifted from blogger to wordpress is the spam comments saying – “I am new to your blog..blah blah blah then lot of keyword links” .

Very problematic since I don’t like using askimet.

Jagmeet Singh May 22, 2009

Paritosh huuu! m also not good commenter …
but i’ll learn from dis post


varun May 23, 2009

Nice post :p

LOL…. Agreed. There are many people in this blogosphere who are doing this and quiet regularly as well.

venkat May 23, 2009

yes, I agree with paritosh broken comments will tkae the charm of post away ,comment should complement post.

Gautam May 23, 2009

@Snaphow (Debajyoti)
If you don’t like using akismet, then you should use another plugin which changes the field names in the comments section to avoid bots from entering values onto your blog. You may read more about it on TechPP:

Otherwise, Akismet is also a good plugin, I don’t know why you don’t like it :-s

Rahul May 23, 2009

yes commenting is most important part. if you do good and valuable commenting this will attracts attention and also gives benift to post.

Pathik May 23, 2009

NoFollow FTW!

ViCky May 24, 2009

I think there must be a dynamic system for bloggers to make comments eighter dofollow or nofollow 😀

BTW, I also hate such comments .

Paritosh June 1, 2009

@SnapHow Thanks for the appreciation. Though the broken comments are not annoying but they fail to generate the interest in visitors to comment on posts.

P.S – Do use some plugin for controlling spam or else you will end up deleting spam instead of writing posts !

Paritosh June 1, 2009

@Jagmeet You will learn with the passage of time and more interaction on posts like these.

Paritosh June 1, 2009

@Varun Glad you liked the post.

@Vicky I guess the wordpress community is already working on this.