How influential is your Twitter profile?

We all have heard of Google’s Page Rank and how it is used in the algorithm for giving you relevant search results. One way Google does is to determine how influential your website it. But how does one determine the influence of one website compared to the other. It is simple, it is by way of references or in case of search engine language we can call it back-links. Twitter Grader is a website which ranks your Twitter ID and gives you an indication of how influential it is.

Here I tried to find my level of influence on Twitter grader and I was ranked 1,574,610 out of over 6 million. I got a grade of 74 out of 100 which is like a rating. I looked up how they came up with this ranking and ratingΒ  and it seems they have a algorithm which they do not want to share. This is obviously because they do not want people to game the system.

But here are some of the things Twitter Grader takes into account to give you a ranking.

  • The number of followers you have is very important. Even Twitter Grader accepts it is a easy way to create more followers by following people continuously and randomly. But what Twitter Grader also takes into account is what sort of influence your followers have.
  • Updates are also given weight in the rating. A decent amount of updates means you are taking care to revise your profile but too many updates can make you lose a few points as it would be more like spamming.
  • Follower vs Following ratio is important but it goes downwards once you start engageing regularly with a lot of updates. Another factor is how many of your tweets are re-tweeted.

I liked this web service as it gives me a good idea of how well I am doing with Twitter as I use it primarily to interact with people and share things online. For professional blogger it is important to have a Twitter ID which has significant influence. For someone in Internet marketing I guess it is absolutely important to have a Twitter account which is highly influential.

What do you think about it? Do check out Twitter Grader and drop in your comments.


Anshul February 16, 2010

That’s interesting.. My twitter grade came out to be 59.. One thing that I liked, it gives suggestions to improve your twitter profile.. I had not included my bio till now (thought of doing so later while creating account, then forgot :)) and this tool pointed that out.. I think it is more useful for professional twitter profile.. for personal profiles its more of a fun activity..

Sahil Malhan February 16, 2010

Mine is 87! πŸ˜€ It is good for both professional and personal profiles. You can use it for fun, challenging your friends for a better grade! πŸ˜›

Loudable February 16, 2010

Loudable’s grade came out to be 95, might be we have uploaded all the details up there. By the way nice post and we enjoyed using this tool.

Saami Matloob February 16, 2010

out of 6,156,210
Out of 100
@saami23 πŸ˜€

Sourish Nath February 16, 2010

My twitter grade came out to 86 .. awesome


* Rank

out of 6,156,339
* Followers
* Following
* Updates

Ramkumar February 16, 2010

Guess wat guys, I have the highest Grade 97.7/100
Rank 139,128

Aditya Kane February 16, 2010

I think when I compared my two twitter accounts the older one is rated higher so I guess it takes into account followers along with no of updates too.

themepremium February 17, 2010

My twitter Profile ( Grade : 90 πŸ™

sharath February 22, 2010

mine is 83… is that good or bad ? πŸ™‚ lol