How many verified accounts are there on Twitter?

Do you know how many verified accounts are there on Twitter? There are at the time of writing this post 1255 people on Twitter with verified accounts. If you are wondering how I got that number it is thanks to a feature in Twitter. Just look up @verified Twitter account. It follows everyone who has a verified Twitter account.


Just about anyone and everyone is allowed to get their Twitter account verified but only a few accounts are verified. @verified bot starts following the person verified by Twitter immediately.

@verified also has arranged the verified twitter accounts in various lists. In this way by following one of the list you can easily start following the verified accounts.

Even though verified accounts are just 1255 out of some 60 million, some stats it provides are quite interesting. The number of verified accounts for Entertainment and Music are far more than any list. This shows how much Twitter is driven by celebrities in the entertainment field compared to technology. Technology related verified accounts stand at a meager 18. Even sports related verified accounts are not too many.

Closer home there are quite a few Indians with verified accounts and majority of them are again in the Entertainment field. There is one verified account neatly tucked under cricket. Ironically it was not that of a sportsman but an administrator.

DW does not have a verified Twitter account but you can surely follow us on Twitter @devils_workshop. 😉

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Pubudu Kodikara January 25, 2010

Nice post mate… i was able to find Bill Gate’s account from this! 😀

chinedu vine March 5, 2012

can you gave me verified account